ROI Corporation: Canada’s Appraiser and Broker

Welcome to the ROI Corporation Website. Since 1974, ROI Corporation has provided a definite advantage to those discerning Canadian health care professionals who have sought its appraisal, brokerage and consulting services.

ROI Corporation is a diverse team of professionals who are licensed and trained to interpret every business facet of your practice. We are a group of former and practicing doctors, hygienists, educators, appraisers, brokers, Realtors®, bankers and leasing specialists, who truly understand the Canadian professional practice marketplace. Most importantly, our collective knowledge is applied in a common sense manner; with perception, objectivity and integrity.

We maintain daily contact with the health care profession through both national and provincial associations, at conventions, in universities, and from our many clients and customers. Our team has built a solid reputation of outstanding leadership throughout Canada. ROI Corporation is very proud of its accomplishments, and we look forward to being of service.

A Peek Into the Past…

Roy Brown, 1954

Mobile Equipment service, 1964

Roy & Joan, 1974

Timothy A. Brown, 1984

Roy & Joan, 1994

Sandy Evans & Timothy A. Brown, 2004

Roy & Timothy, 2004


At the age of 18, Roy Brown stepped into a job that would define his life for the next 55 years. In 1948 he started with a co-operative known as the Associated Dentists Co-operative (ADC). Dentist shareholders numbered 900 from Ontario to British Columbia. They were mostly World War II veterans who were concerned with the investigation by our federal government into an alleged dental combine, fixing prices and limiting competition.

He began as a salesman and worked his way to manager and finally became President in 1973. His achievements with this Company included introducing the high-speed handpieces, disposable needles, equipment leasing, and designing and manufacturing open concept cabinetry. It was through working with this company that Roy saw the need for the dentists of Canada to be given a value for their practices. In the past, a retiring dentist could not find a purchaser and was forced to store equipment and to hope that he/she could give patients a referral to another dentist.


In 1974, ROI Management (later renamed ROI Corporation) was formed to offer the dental profession a reliable source to document practice value and to ensure confidential sales. Roy was the first in Canada to recognize the emerging market for dental practices and the first to obtain registration under the Real Estate and Business Brokers’ Act, specifically for dental practice brokerage. Other individuals then entered the business in the 1980’s thus building a market service, which has been to the benefit of all Canadian dentists nationwide. Roy is very proud that his family has been included in the business. His wife of 55 years, Joan, is seen here helping at ROI Corporation’s first ODA Convention in 1974.


Timothy, the youngest of Roy and Joan’s children, completed his post-secondary education, and obtained his business broker’s licence in 1984.


In the 1990’s Roy decided to slow down and was appointed the honourable lifetime Chairman of the Board. In 1994 Timothy was elected Vice President and later President and C.E.O. Since then Timothy has written over 75 Practice Management columns and has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conventions about DentaGraphics™, his study of future trends in dental manpower, practice valuations and patient behaviour. He also introduced a formal Locum registry to Canada.


At the end of 2004 Roy will be retired and Timothy, his wife Sandy and the entire Canada wide ROI team, look forward to serving the dental industry for another 30 years.


ROI trademarks “i-Dentist”™ and “Investor Dentist”™ which are the emerging trends in dental practice investing.


In 2011, ROI Corporation expanded their appraisal, brokerage and consulting services to Veterinary practices.


In 2013, ROI Corporation appointed Jackie Joachim as the Chief Operating Officer. Jackie has 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and understands the unique needs of healthcare professionals.



Three Generations: Robert MacDonald, Roy Brown, Timothy Brown & David Rourke.